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    コミック百合姫 2014年 09月号

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    去年とかにコミティアで配ったペーパー練習漫画 特に何もなく2P

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    Asagiri (あさぎり), also known as asgr

    Last time Asagiri was featured, they were just beginning to shift into a vastly new aesthetic style, contrasting their previous, dark, horror tone with a fresh, new, vibrant feel. Since then Asagiri’s body of work has flourished with the new look, thoroughly defining their futuristic vision and overall expanding their machine world. Occasionally, they dip back into their old atmosphere — but it is clear that Asagiri’s work has taken an evolutionary step, with a new pair of eyes.

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    New game announced by the creators of Limbo looks like it will be a stunning piece of visual narrative - video embedded below:

    Since the release of LIMBO in 2010, Playdead has been working very hard on their next game, INSIDE. Expect INSIDE in the first half of 2015, debuting on Xbox.

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    Fluffy, running Sanderlings!

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    トラクターのコントロールパネルは、海外で文字を読めない人も使えるようウサギやカメ、カタツムリの絵を使っているらしい。 (via 岡本農園のブログ » 長芋の作業(トレンチャー))

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